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The ONLY dedicated, state-of-the-art, Performance Facility in California’s Eastern Sierra


● Expands the Mammoth Campus of Cerro Coso College

● Year-round venue for community with a wide range of opportunities

● Supports Mammoth economic viability and promotes local prosperity

● A source of community pride and inspiration

● Designed to thrive in the Mammoth Environment

○ Proven durable low maintenance exterior materials of pre-finished metal siding, steel and heavy wood

○ Flat roofs to hold the snow and lessen snow shed problems and snow shed dangers

○ South facing sloped roofs with solar panels for high energy efficiency

○ Outdoor patio with glass wind screens to preserve views while shielding patrons

○ Large canopy covered main entry for sense of arrival and protects against snow and rain

○ All building exits under protective roofs

● Comfort and Convenience Amenities

○ Restrooms with fixture counts that exceed code requirements and theatre standards

○ Accessible restroom facilities that provide an extra level of personal privacy

○ Oversized coat check room

○ Will Call window inside Lobby/Reception provides location for weather protected transactions


● House

○ 292 upholstered, fixed seats with an average 22-½” width

○ 6 wheelchair locations adjacent to regular seats

○ Seating rows spaced 42” apart on stepped risers

○ Audience access through light trapping vestibules at the rear of seating area

○ Level circulation from Lobby to accessible seating to stage and back of house

○ Access via multiple routes from front of house to back of house not passing through seating


● Stage

○ 36’ deep, 80’ wide and 48’ high ceiling

○ 45’ wide by 20’ to 22’ tall proscenium style opening

○ Stage floor below first row seating eye level

○ On stage storage for orchestra shell and other large pieces of equipment

○ Large roll-up doors for loading scenery pieces

○ State-of-the-art acoustics, lighting and audio visual


● Lobby/Reception

○ Sized for 160 diners or 300 standing attendees

○ Location for reception head table

○ Direct access to wind screened outdoor patio with views to surrounding mountains

○ Concessions counter adjacent to catering kitchen

○ Catering kitchen for holding and heating food prepared off-site

○ A wait station to improve efficiency of wait staff for catered events

○ “Heritage Room” for private dining and small meetings


● Live Theatre

○ Plays

○ Stand-up Comedy

○ Poetry Readings


● Live Musical Performances

○ Classical

○ Contemporary


● Film

○ Special Screenings

○ Film Festival


● Lectures

○ On-site

○ Remote


● Conferences

○ Main Theatre

○ Lobby/Reception area



● Community Activities

○ School Functions

○ Weddings

○ Town Meetings


● Remote High Definition Streaming

○ Performances

○ Concerts

○ Lectures


● Special Events

○ Many options


● Classroom

○ College and Local K-12 students

○ Graduation

○ Assembly

Download the Project Description PDF by clicking the image below (last updated March 2018).


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